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Academic Technology Consultation

Teaching and Learning Center staff can provide advice on what technologies might be most appropriate to help instructors meet their learning goals, provide guidance on best practices with the use of academic technologies, and provide instruction to instructors and students on how to it.

Adobe Creative Cloud Access Request (Residents, Fellows, and Postdocs)

Get access to Creative Cloud Desktop apps like Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.

Adobe Sign: Access Request

An e-signature or electronic signature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. It can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process.

Assessment for New Wireless Access Point or Additional Wireless Coverage

If your designated area is receiving a weak WiFi signal, ITS examines the issues to determine if more Wireless Access Point (WAPs) are needed.

Audience Response System/Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is the official audience response vendor for UTHSC. Poll Everywhere integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using their mobile devices. Student data can be imported from and exported to Blackboard.


Banner Access Request

The Banner Enterprise Information System at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) is comprised of the following components: Banner Student Information System and Argos Enterprise Reporting.

Banner: Dashboards and Reports

Banner is UTHSC’s student information system. Banner Dashboards and Reports are used to support the Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, Bursar’s Office, Colleges and Faculty. This allows for efficient viewing of Banner data for transactional, analytical and auditing purposes.


Blackboard Learn is the learning management system (LMS) at University of Tennessee Health Science Center and is used to enhance teaching and learning for online and campus courses. Blackboard Learn offers instructors and students the flexibility to access course materials at any time from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection – which is essential to supporting the on-the-go learning needs of students today.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis identifies business needs, determines solutions, and builds relationships with campus customers.


Cable Installation and Removal

Request for cable installation or removal for network, telephone, and fax lines.

Cable TV Installation Support

Cable TV services are for use in waiting rooms, fitness center, and similar locations.

Classroom & Conference Room Support

In classroom/conference room support is provided for audiovisual needs, such as Microsoft Office, TurningPoint, Mediasite, Zoom, and videoconferencing.

Classroom & Conference Room Technology Consultation

ITS provides collaboration services for departments wanting to install new audiovisual equipment in classrooms, conference rooms or offices

Classroom Equipment Issues

Customer reports a technical issue in a classroom and class is in session or about to start.

Computer Equipment and Software Purchase Consultation

Receive assistance in determining hardware or software purchases to accomplish your task.

Computer Skills and Desktop Application Training

The Business Productivity Solutions team provides faculty, staff, and students with basic computer skills, desktop application, OnBase and Lean 6 Sigma training and support. Desktop Application Training is available for the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, as well as FileMaker Pro, Qualtrics, Zoom and other tools supported by ITS.

Computers and Devices Moves and Setups

Desktop support encompasses both the setup and maintenance of all UTHSC-owned computers. This includes hardware and software.


Data Jack Activation

Activating a network data jack that is currently inactive.

Data Storage/Document Management

The Business Productivity Solutions team provides faculty, staff, and students with guidance, training and support for your data and document storage and management needs.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

DUO is the two-factor authentication solution for services on campus.

Duo Two-Factor Hardware Token Request

Duo two-factor token provides an authentication code to access the protected account.


Email Forwarding Exception

Use this service to request an exception to be able to forward your UTHSC email to a domain that is not currently on the list.


The ExamSoft suite of software and services supports the entire testing process including exam design, administration, delivery and analysis. It delivers truly flexible, secure, end-to-end testing solutions. It can deliver exams in a classroom, lecture hall or lab.


FileMaker Pro Database: Request move to ITS FileMaker Server

Move your FileMaker Pro database to the ITS FileMaker Server for improved physical and data security, as well as backups and upgrades performed by ITS.

FileMaker Pro: Request License

FileMaker Pro is powerful software used to create custom apps and databases that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Select Request a FileMaker Pro license to have a license installed on your computer.


Generic Service Request

This form is to be used for services requests if you cannot find an offering which fits.

Google Analytics: Dashboards and Reports

Google Analytics allows university website publishers to collect, analyze, and report on website traffic data.

Guest WiFi Access

Get UTHSC wireless access for a university authorized guest.


Hardware Issues

Is your computer, printer, scanner not working properly? Report your issue.


iLogin Application: Access Request

iLogin contains UTHSC-developed custom applications for campus use.  Access must be granted to certain applications.

IRIS Data and Reports

ITS handles requests for IRIS data and reports that are not currently available in the IRIS system.

IT Facilitator for Student and Employee Orientation

Scheduling a new student or employee orientation? Looking for an ITS presenter to share all thing ITS with the group?

ITS Data Reporting: Dashboards and Reports

This service facilitates work visibility, trend analysis, problem diagnosis, planning, and other analytical functions by providing data-driven answers to strategic and operational questions and scenarios, including customized TechConnect reporting.


Lean 6 Sigma Process Review/Coaching Request

Lean 6 Sigma is the campus methodology for continuous process improvement of business processes. The Lean Team offers training, facilitation, project coaching and guidance for your process improvement needs. The Lean Team can also assist you in making technology decisions to help you streamline and automate your process.

Listserv Creation Request

Listservs provides users with an email distribution address that can be archived and searched.

Loaner Computer Request


Mediasite/My Mediasite

Mediasite is a presentation tool that allows instructors to make live digital recordings of lectures or presentations.

Microsoft Power BI, Visio, Project, Visual Studios, and Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN): Request License

Purchases for individual user licenses for Microsoft Visio, Project, Power BI, Visual Studios, or Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). In addition, includes instructions for requesting Microsoft 365 for part-time employees.

Multiple NetID Issue

Sometimes students and employees end up with more than one NetID. It is important to report a suspected multiple NetID as soon as possible.


NetID Management

Use this form to request to sponsor a NetID for a person; to request a department or organization ID; and/or to request changes to an existing department or organization ID.

NetID Password Help

Are you having trouble logging into a UTHSC system or your password has expired? This is the place to start.

Network Issues

If you are having issues accessing the network/internet, select Network Issue to report your problem.


Office 365 Connectivity Issue

OnBase Request

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and process management system used to scan and store documents, as well as create workflows to help processes move more efficiently. Let us help you convert your paper documents, microfilm/fiche, and archived documents into organized electronic files that are safe, secure, and easy to use from anywhere. OnBase is the first step in your digital transformation.


Pager Rental and Management Access

The ITS Telecom team provides Spok wireless pagers to faculty and staff members upon request. Pagers provide communication access in areas where wireless or cellphone access is unpredictable.

Pre-Procurement IT Review

ITS reviews all hardware, software, and technical systems prior to their purchase to ensure they comply with the technical and cybersecurity standards of the University of Tennessee, UTHSC, and applicable government regulations.

Project Management

The ITS Project Management Office (PMO) works to support the strategic goals of the university and IT organization by developing and implementing an effective project portfolio management (PPM) framework.


Qualtrics Account Request

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey research tool, and it is available to all faculty, staff, and students at UT. Qualtrics meets IRB requirements for collecting and storing data including PII, FERPA, and HIPAA/PHI (it is encrypted in transit, at rest, and in backups).


Remote Access (Azure Virtual Desktop -- for use on a restricted network only)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services allows remote customers access to UTHSC Microsoft 365 services including email.

Report an Issue

If you could not find a service offering that fit the problem you would like to report, click here to start the process.

Respondus Campus-Wide

Respondus Campus-Wide is a tool that can be used to create and manage exams that can be delivered on paper or published directly to Blackboard Learn.

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is supported by the Teaching and Learning Center.

RingCentral: Telephone/Telephone-Related Issues

Go here for problems with Ring Central "Hard" telephones, headsets, voicemail, etc.


Security Exceptions and Exemptions to ITS Security Controls Request Form

This form is used to request an exception or exemption to established UTHSC Information Technology and Office of Cybersecurity Policies and Standards

Software Installation and/or Configuration

Installation/configuration of approved software on UTHSC-owned and/or personally-owned computer equipment.

Software Issues

ITS is happy to assist our customers with troubleshooting a wide range of applications on campus- or student-owned client devices

Student Lab Computer /Printer/Other Issues

Customer reports a problem in one of the computer labs or with WEPA kiosk.

Survey Tools

UTHSC provides 2 survey options for our faculty, staff and students: Qualtrics and REDCap.


TechConnect Access Service Request

Service for hiring managers to use to request Technician access for new employees

Telecom Statements

These reports are run from the telecom billing system for end users to assess their monthly charges. Request must be submitted by business manager

Telephone Service Management

Telephone installation, Voice Mail setup, and headset repair/replacement services for faculty, staff and students.

Telephone Service Management - RingCentral

"Hard" desk phone installation and changes, phone number assignment/re-assignment, call menu services, old phone removal, and service consultation

Telephone Tree

A telephone tree is a menu that branches out when a number is called and usually requested by for departmental phone numbers.

Telephone/Telephone-Related Issues

Go here for problems with telephones, headsets, voicemail, voicemail password, etc.

Temporary WiFi Access SSID (for meetings conferences and groups)

Request a Network ID to be set up for a collection of guests who will be on campus and need WiFi access. Typically, this will involve more than ten guests who will be on campus for multiple days.


Voicemail to Email Request

Request to have voicemails sent to your UTHSC email.

VolShare Retirement Consultation and Support

Need help getting started with your migration from VolShare? The Business Productivity Solutions team provides guidance, training and support to assist you in moving your data and documents to the right storage location for your needs. Request a consultation session today!

VPN Access Request

This form is to request access to UTHSC's VPN for individuals not already assigned VPN access


Website Design, Creation, and Consulting Services

The Digital Content team in Communications & Marketing can work with users to help develop a web strategy to enhance and market their areas.


Zoom Webinar License

A Zoom Webinar License grants user access to a product of Zoom that is designed to host large events with limited participant activities. Zoom Webinars are for events with more than 300 participants attending and 500 participants max.

Zoom: Upgrade to Zoom Licensed (Pro) Account

Zoom Licensed (Pro) Account accounts allow you to schedule longer meetings with more attendees.