Lean 6 Sigma Process Review/Coaching Request

What is it?

Lean 6 Sigma is a methodology in which teams, small groups, or individuals collaborate to improve a process by reducing waste, eliminating motion, avoiding over-production, and standardizing practices while improving the quality of the process and its outputs.

This results in a culture change - a journey in which an area discovers easier and better ways to do things and visits those ideas periodically to ensure continuous improvement.

Lean 6 Sigma is the campus methodology for continuous process improvement of business processes.  The Lean Team offers training, facilitation, project coaching, and guidance for your process improvement needs.  The Lean Team can also assist you in making technology decisions to help you streamline and automate your processes.

Our current Lean Workout! format has helped numerous process teams identify small, incremental changes to make their processes more efficient and to identify/implement process improvements to eliminate pain points and road blocks.  Lean Workout! is a Kaizen approach to identifying a problem and brainstorming solutions.  Lean Workouts! typically run for 3-5 sessions.  During the Lean Workouts! the cross-functional team members will be trained in Lean tools and coached to incorporate these tools and techniques into their daily work.

Visit the Lean UTHSC website for more information.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty and staff

Where Can I Get It?

Click the Request Lean Services button.

Request Lean Services

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