Classroom Equipment Issues

What is it?

When you experience any of these problems with classroom equipment:

  • No projector image
  • Computer will not turn on
  • Display monitors will not turn on
  • Microphone will not turn on
  • System will not turn on
  • PowerPoint will not load
  • No Internet on computer, laptop, or electronic device
  • No sound from computer, laptop, or electronic device
  • Apple TV will not display
  • Document camera will not display
  • Video / Room camera will not display
  • Cannot display my laptop or electronic device
  • Need help with Zoom
  • Mediasite not recording
  • Request to record
  • Presentation remote / Slide advancer not working

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty, staff, and student groups

Where Can I Get It?

The rooms can be reserved by calling the scheduling office at 901.448.6960.

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