Multiple NetID Issue

What Is It?

A multiple NetID may occur if a student or employee was issued a NetID by a sister campus, such as UT Knoxville or UT Chattanooga. The holder may have applied but never attended the other campus, but a NetID could still have been created.  The UT System's goal is one NetID for one person for a lifetime.  However, sometimes two or more NetIDs are created.  

How Do You Find This?

If a student is registered for a course but does not appear on the Blackboard course registration, they may have a multiple NetID issue.  When a student or employee has multiple NetIDs, they often do not have access to some services and applications.  It is important to report a suspected multiple NetID as soon as possible.  Our Service Desk can confirm the multiple NetID and initiate a process whereby the multiple NetIDs are consolidated into one. 

Contact the Service Desk at 901.448.2222 or click the Report Issue button.

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