VolShare Retirement Consultation and Support

What is it?

ITS is in the process of retiring the hardware that houses VolShare/Vol2Share/UTDrive and has developed a strategy to move users to different storage platforms. See our Document Management Overview knowledge base article for more information about our storage options. Additionally, see our Data Storage Strategy webpage that contains resources and more information about all phases of this project as well as DIY instructions. NOTE: Some data may be moved to a VolShare replacement site as part of Phase 3 of the project.

Throughout 2021-22, ITS will be reaching out to data owners to learn more about your storage needs and assist in selecting the right tool for your data and documents.  

If you are interested in getting started with your move from VolShare to Microsoft SharePoint, submit a VolShare Retirement Service Request. The ITS Business Productivity Solutions team will contact you to learn more about how you currently use VolShare and provide training and support as you migrate your documents to SharePoint.  

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty and Staff

Where Can I Get It?

Click VolShare Retirement Service Request button.

VolShare Retirement Service Request

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