Pre-Procurement IT Review

What Is It?

ITS reviews all hardware, software, and technical systems prior to their purchase to ensure they comply with the technical and cybersecurity standards of the University of Tennessee, UTHSC, and applicable government regulations. ITS partners with the sponsor and vendor of a product/service to collect information about intended use, the criticality of any data that it stores or generates, and technical requirements. The review process starts with a standard set of questions. Based on the answers, additional information may be requested. The review typically takes about two weeks to complete, but could be longer or shorter depending upon when the requested information and documentation are received.

Once the review is complete, ITS notifies the sponsor and the Office of Procurement or Contracts Office (if applicable) to proceed with purchase. If a product/service is deemed insufficient in meeting applicable standards, ITS will attempt to work with the vendor to remediate. If remediation is not possible, ITS will recommend not to purchase and assist in finding a viable alternative as necessary.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty and staff

What are the Benefits of this Process?

The benefits of this process are as follows:

  • Lowered risk: The process reduces the risk of a security breach.
  • Compatibility/interoperability: The process ensures the product/service can securely interface with the UTHSC network and other IT systems.
  • Effective spending: The process protects the University‚Äôs investment by ensuring the product/service is useful in the UTHSC environment. It also ensures the right technical components or versions are purchased, potentially saving time and money.
  • Implementation assistance: Once the review process is complete, ITS will work with the vendor and sponsor to implement a product or service when necessary.

Where Can I Get It?

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