Departmental ID Requests and Changes (setting up a shared mailbox or shared calendar)

What Is It?

Campus departments, student and professional organizations, or other units can request a NetID to receive an entry in the online directory.  This entry can also be used to set up a departmental email account or website.

This service allows you to: 

  • Request a Departmental NetID Account (which could include a departmental mailbox as well as a departmental calendar)
  • Request NetID for a Student Organization
  • Change Ownership for a Departmental NetID
  • Update Departmental NetID Account Information
  • Report a multiple NetID

IMPORTANT: To sponsor a NetID for someone, complete HR's NetID Request Form. Visit the "Sponsoring a NetID" article for more details.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests of UTHSC

Where Can I Get It?

Click the Request Service button.

Request Service

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