FileMaker Pro Database: Request move to ITS FileMaker Server

What is it?

Move your FileMaker Pro database to our FileMaker Pro Server, which is housed in the UTHSC Data Center. The Data Center is physically secured, with limited access. The databases on the FileMaker Pro server are also very secure, as logins, using your NetID/password through our CAS authentication, are required to provide an additional level of data security. Encryption is also available and transparent to the users.

Why move to the FileMaker Pro Server?

  • Central location is physically secured
  • Backup
  • Data security
  • Automatic upgrades performed by ITS

To learn more about the advantages, visit our printable FileMaker Pro Overview.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty, staff and students

Where Can I Get It?

Click the Request Service button.


Request Service


Service ID: 49628
Tue 3/23/21 11:29 AM
Fri 7/30/21 2:41 PM