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Go here for problems with Ring Central "Hard" telephones, headsets, voicemail, etc.

An assessment to aid people in data classification.

Is your computer, printer, scanner not working properly? Report your issue.

Activating a network data jack that is currently inactive.

ITS is happy to assist our customers with troubleshooting a wide range of applications on campus- or student-owned client devices

This form is to request access to UTHSC's VPN for individuals not already assigned VPN access

Go here for problems with telephones, headsets, voicemail, voicemail password, etc.

Use this form request changes request a NetID for a department or student organization or make changes to an existing department or organization ID.

This form is to be used for services requests if you cannot find an offering which fits.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services allows remote customers access to UTHSC Microsoft 365 services including email.

These reports are run from the telecom billing system for end users to assess their monthly charges. Request must be submitted by business manager

DUO is the two-factor authentication solution for services on campus.

This form is used to request an exception or exemption to established UTHSC Information Technology and Office of Cybersecurity Policies and Standards

Desktop support encompasses both the setup and maintenance of all UTHSC-owned computers. This includes hardware and software.

Service for hiring managers to use to request Technician access for new employees

Request to have voicemails sent to your UTHSC email.

Get access to Creative Cloud Desktop apps like Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.

Installation/configuration of approved software on UTHSC-owned and/or personally-owned computer equipment.

Complete this form to request access to a co-worker's computer files, email, OneDrive, SharePoint or Zoom account, if the employee has left UTHSC or is on an extended absence. These requests require HR approval.

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and process management system used to scan and store documents, as well as create workflows to help processes move more efficiently. If you are a current user and are having issues with logging onto OnBase, connecting to a scanner, or OnBase doesn't seem to be running properly, use this service to contact ITS.

ITS reviews all hardware, software, and technical systems prior to their purchase to ensure they comply with the technical and cybersecurity standards of the University of Tennessee, UTHSC, and applicable government regulations.

The ExamSoft suite of software and services supports the entire testing process including exam design, administration, delivery and analysis. It delivers truly flexible, secure, end-to-end testing solutions. It can deliver exams in a classroom, lecture hall or lab.

Listservs provides users with an email distribution address that can be archived and searched.

Need help getting started with your migration from VolShare? The Business Productivity Solutions team provides guidance, training and support to assist you in moving your data and documents to the right storage location for your needs. Request a consultation session today!