Telephone and Voicemail

Request activations, changes, or repairs to a phone or fax line, including voicemail or setting up call-forwarding, e.g., Move/Remove Telephone Service, New Telephone Service, Voicemail Service, VoIP, Pagers

Services (10)

Cable Installation and Removal

Request for cable installation or removal for network, telephone, and fax lines.

Cable TV Installation Support

Cable TV services are for use in waiting rooms, fitness center, and similar locations.

Pager Rental and Management Access

The ITS Telecom team provides Spok wireless pagers to faculty and staff members upon request. Pagers provide communication access in areas where wireless or cellphone access is unpredictable.

RingCentral Phone Request

The Telecommunications team provides phone services for the UTHSC campuses in Memphis and Nashville, including phone number assignment/reassignment, "hard" desk phone installation and changes, call queues, call trees, old phone removal, service consultation, and more.

Telecom Statements

These reports are run from the telecom billing system for end users to assess their monthly charges. Request must be submitted by business manager

Telephone Service Management

Telephone installation, Voice Mail setup, and headset repair/replacement services for faculty, staff and students.

Telephone Tree

A telephone tree is a menu that branches out when a number is called and usually requested by for departmental phone numbers.

Voicemail to Email Request

Request to have voicemails sent to your UTHSC email.

Generic Service Request

This form is to be used for services requests if you cannot find an offering which fits.

Telephone/Telephone-Related Issues

Go here for problems with telephones, headsets, voicemail, voicemail password, etc.