Network and Wireless Connectivity

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks, get help with remote access, or request a new network service activation, e.g. VPN, Wireless access point, working remotely, network ports

Services (7)

Data Jack Activation

Activating a network data jack that is currently inactive.

Temporary WiFi Access for meetings conferences and groups

Request a Network ID to be set up for a collection of guests who will be on campus and need WiFi access. Typically, this will involve more than ten guests who will be on campus for multiple days.

VPN Access Request

This form is to request access to UTHSC's VPN for individuals not already assigned VPN access

Guest WiFi Access

Get UTHSC wireless access for a university authorized guest.

Assessment for New Wireless Access Point or Additional Wireless Coverage

If your designated area is receiving a weak WiFi signal, ITS examines the issues to determine if more Wireless Access Point (WAPs) are needed.

Generic Service Request

This form is to be used for services requests if you cannot find an offering which fits.

Network Issues

If you are having issues accessing the network/internet, select Network Issue to report your problem.