SharePoint Storage

SharePoint is a suite of tools that allow for online collaboration including file sharing, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes.

Once your site collection has been created, you can create sites where faculty, staff, and students may collaborate electronically. Some of SharePoint's features include:

  • Document Libraries that include a version history of files and a check-in and out feature
  • Picture and slide libraries that show thumbnails of the images stored
  • Shared tasks, contacts, calendars, announcements, and link lists
  • Online discussion forums
  • Wiki libraries for documentation
  • Subsites for teams, departments, or collaboration around meetings and documents
  • Alerts that email you when things change
  • Workflows that can be created by non-programmers
  • OneNote for meeting minutes

Create Your Own SharePoint Site

Use SharePoint, Not Dropbox

UTHSC provides the Microsoft O365 suite of products to our campus as a secure, supported, powerful, and free to you option.  This HIPAA and FERPA compliant suite of products has three tools for document storage:

  • OneDrive is meant for personal storage. 
  • SharePoint is best used in two ways: for collaborating on files with others, and for publishing files for everyone to see.
  • Teams is great for project teams and committees as a temporary storage location for collaboration.

Dropbox is not supported by UTHSC.


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