Access to UTHSC Email, Network, and Other Resources When You Leave the University (Students)

When a student leaves or graduates from the university, the resulting change in member status triggers a number of changes to access to UTHSC technology resources. These changes are dependent on the graduation or leftUT date (i.e., the student's last date as a student) noted in the Banner student information system.

Immediate Technology Access Loss

Students lose access to the following technology resources as soon as their status changes in Banner:

  • Ability to connect to or log on to the UTHSC network.
  • Access to the VPN remote access client. (NOTE: Only students in the colleges of Medicine and Dentistry have VPN access.)
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud and included products via the UT subscription.

1 Year After Graduation Technology Access Loss

Students retain access to the following technology for one (1) year after graduation:

  • NetID
  • UTHSC email
  • Office 365 products, including the desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, via the UT subscription
  • Blackboard

Students should complete the following actions PRIOR TO THEIR GRADUATION DATE to avoid losing valuable information and/or network access. 

  • Forward any email messages they want to keep to a different email account. (Don’t have another account? Find out how to create a personal email account.)
  • Move personal data saved to OneDrive to a personal storage location.
  • Move shared data saved to OneDrive or SharePoint to a storage location that is administered and/or accessible by active students.
  • Update any personal accounts that use your UTHSC email address (ex., an Apple ID) to use another address.


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