Understanding the Difference between OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams

We offer several storage solutions, but which one is the right one for your needs? Instead of using paper copies, your hard drive, MyDrive, VolShare, USB, external hard drive, departmental folders, Dropbox, Google Docs, consider one of these no-cost, secure options.

OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams are all HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

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OneDrive SharePoint Teams

For YOU to:

  • store work and personal documents 
  • share with others

For YOU and the TEAM to:

  • store and share documents
  • share with each other and external users
  • collaborate and edit documents individually or as a group

For YOU and the TEAM to:

  • collaborate
  • chat
  • store and share documents
Under Attachments, we have a quick and easy comparison and a more detailed comparison.
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