External Sharing with SharePoint

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Sharepoint screen shot

  1. Go to your SharePoint site which is a group department site or research site.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  2. Click on Documents.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  3. Select the Folder(s) or Document(s).
    Sharepoint screen shot
  4. Click Share or Share icon (Select only One). There are several options for sharing:
      • Anyone with the link
        • If using this option, we recommend using the Expiration Date and/or password. Be advised that this link can be shared with others after you share it.
      • People in University of Tennessee with the link
        • This would allow sharing within the UT System, but not outside of UT.
      • People with existing access
        • This does not extend sharing beyond the current group.
      • Specific people
        • This is the most restrictive method of sharing, as you are hand picking who should be able to access the document.

    Sharepoint screen shot

    NOTE: By default, the box is checked. If you do not want the user to edit, uncheck the box.

    Allow Editing - least secure method

    Unclick Allow Editing - provides view only access (more secure)

  5. Click Anyone with the link (PC) or Click Anyone with the link can edit (Mac).
    Sharepoint screen shot
  6. Click the Allow editing box if you want to grant the user(s) the right to edit document(s) or folder(s)
    Sharepoint screen shot
  7. Click Set expiration date to set date (Optional)
    Sharepoint screen shot
  8. Click Set password to set a password. It is recommended to create a strong password. (Optional). You must email the user the password and type Encrypt in the subject line.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  9. Click Apply.
    Sharepoint screen shot

    NOTE: It will state that the email is outside of your organization.

  10. Type user external email address (non-UT email address) in Enter a name or email address.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  11. Type message in Add a message (optional)
    Sharepoint screen shot
  12. Type user external email address (non-UT email address) in Enter a name or email address.

SharePoint Site – Sharing the Site

Sharepoint screen shot

  1. Click on the Microsoft Settings icon.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  2. Click on Site permissions.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  3. Click Share site.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  4. Type email address.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  5. Select the access level (Read or Edit or Full Control).
    Sharepoint screen shot
  6. Click the Send email box < Type message in Add a message box (Optional).
    Sharepoint screen shot
  7. Click Add.
    Sharepoint screen shot
  8. Click X to Close all Windows until you return back to the SharePoint page.

Note: If the user does not see your email, ask them to check their Spam folder.

UTHSC ITS provides guidance and instructions on how to safely and securely store and share university data and documents. However, you are ultimately in control and assume the responsibility for how you store and share university data. Take this responsibility seriously and use due diligence every time you share, both internal and external of UTHSC. Review the Data Security standard before sharing any data.

If you have any questions, please contact UTHSC's Cybersecurity team at itsecurity@uthsc.edu.
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