Add Users to a SharePoint Site

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These instructions are how to add a user to a SharePoint site, whether it has been set up through Teams or SharePoint.

  1. With a browser open, go to
  2. If asked, enter your UT Health Science Center email/password (Duo authentication may be required).
  3. Click the menu on the upper left and choose the SharePoint Icon.
    SharePoint option on O365 screen
  4. Click your SharePoint site then click the Settings gear (⚙) in the upper right of the screen.
  5. Click Site permissions.
    Choosing the gear icon in SP to see settings
  6. The site permissions are:
    1. Site Owner –Has full control.
    2. Site Member - Can view, add, update, and delete list items and documents.
    3. Site Visitor – Private – only members can access this site Can view pages, list items, and documents.
      Note: It is highly recommended to add additional owners to the SharePoint sites There should be no more than 3 owners the primary owner, a backup and a secondary backup on the possibility that the primary backup is unavailable.
  7. Click Add members.
    Note: It is highly recommended that additional owners be added to the SharePoint sites. There should be no more than three owners: the primary owner, a backup, and a secondary backup in case the primary backup is unavailable.
    Click add member to add someone to a SharePoint site
  8. If you want the user only to see the page (can't edit), choose Share Site Only.
  9. If you want the user to have the ability to edit, choose Add a members group and you will see a screen similar to this:
    Adding a member to a SharePoint group
  10.  Click Add Member. Start typing the last name of the user to add. Move to their name and click it once.
    Typing in the last name of a user to add them as a member
  11. Notice under the user, it shows they are a member. To make this user an owner with full control rights, click the caret (∨) beside Member and choose Owner.
    choosing the carat to change from member to owner of the site
  12. Click Save to add that user.
    Seeing a users name to add to SharePoint
  13. Click X to exit the add member screen.
  14. Click X to exit the setting screen and return to the SharePoint site.
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