Access to UTHSC Email, Network, and Other Resources When You Leave the University (Employees)

When an employee leaves or retires from the university, the resulting change in employment status triggers a number of changes to access to UTHSC technology resources. These changes are dependent on the termination date (i.e., the employee’s last day of service) noted in the IRIS employee information system.

Please note that employees who are involuntarily terminated lose their technology and account access immediately. These rules also differ for students.

Immediately upon change of the employment status in IRIS, an employee will lose access to the following: 

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook desktop applications via the UT subscription (NOTE: Employees will retain access to the online version of these products via Microsoft 365 for 30 days after the status change.) 
  • Ability to connect to or log on to the UTHSC network
  • Access to the VPN remote access client
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud and included products via the UT subscription 

Thirty (30) days after a change of employment status in IRIS, an employee will lose access to the following:

  • UTHSC email account
  • UTHSC Microsoft 365 content (ex., data stored in the employee’s UTHSC OneDrive)
  • NetID 

Employees should complete the following actions PRIOR TO THEIR TERMINATION DATE to avoid losing valuable information and/or network access. 

  • Forward any email messages they want to keep to a different email account. (Don’t have another account? Find out how to create a personal email account.)
  • Move personal data saved on OneDrive to a personal storage location.
  • Move work data saved on OneDrive or SharePoint to a storage location that is administered and/or accessible by your co-workers.
  • If an employee needs to retain network access and Microsoft 365 full functionality for university business, have someone in their department or unit sponsor their NetID. (To sponsor a NetID for someone, complete HR's NetID Request Form. Visit the Sponsoring a NetID article for more details.) This will allow them to connect to and log on to the UTHSC network, use the Microsoft desktop apps on a UTHSC-owned computer, or request that the sponsoring department or unit purchase a Microsoft account for them via the UT subscription. (The employee also can choose to buy a personal subscription to Microsoft 365.
  • Update any personal accounts that use your UTHSC email address (ex., an employee's Apple ID) to use another address.
  • Be sure to grant SP access to someone else so they can get to the files.
  • If you have documents on your OD, either send them to your personal OD or move them to SP if your team/replacement may need them.

What If I am planning to return to service (ex., retiring and coming back part-time, as a Friend, etc.)?

If you will be returning to service after your termination date, your new status will determine your access to IT products and services. You will retain all IT products and services listed above if your new status meets the following criteria:

  • You are classified as a regular or term/temporary employee (i.e., you receive payment).
  • Your job title does not contain the word "usher". (An usher is a stadium worker.)
  • Your IRIS employee subgroup is NOT 40. (Subgroup 40 covers special appointments.) Consult with your business manager regarding what your new status/subgroup will be.

If your new status does not meet these criteria, you will retain access to your UTHSC email, UTHSC Microsoft 365 OneDrive content, and NetID. However, you will lose access to the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook desktop applications and Adobe Creative Cloud and included products via the UT subscriptions.

IMPORTANT: Even if your new status allows you to retain your access, you may temporarily lose that access between your termination date and the subsequent return date. This is a normal part of the status change process. Be patient, and your access will be restored based on your return date and new status.

Please make sure to mention your intended return to service if you call the Service Desk for assistance so the attendant can provide correct information.


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