See Who Has Access to a File (OneDrive or SharePoint)

Source: Microsoft article See who a file is shared with in OneDrive or SharePoint

You can see who a OneDrive for work or school, SharePoint, or Teams file or folder has been shared with at any time.

  1. In a browser, go to your document library (

  2. There are three ways to share a file or folder:

    1. Select the file by clicking on the circle next to it, then click Share at the top.

    2. Click the three dots at the end of the filename and click Share.

    3. Click the Share icon at the end of the filename or folder.

  3. Above the list of files, select Share.

  4. The Send link window opens.

  5. If the item is currently shared with anyone, a Shared with list appears at the bottom of the Send link window.