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Pinned Article All UTHSC Faculty, Staff and Students Have a Zoom Licensed (Pro) Account

Did you know that all UTHSC faculty, staff and students now have Zoom Pro Accounts? Learn more about the advantages and safety features.

Pinned Article How to Get Zoom on your Computer

Learn how to install and use Zoom.

Pinned Article What is Zoom?

Learn more about Zoom.

Pinned Article Zoom Not Working? Check These Things First

Here are three easy things you can check for yourself if Zoom isn't working properly.

Pinned Article Zoom: Getting Started Instructions and Overview

Quick one page overview of Zoom

Pinned Article Zoom: Recording and Uploading Meetings

Everything you need to know about DIY Zoom meetings.

Zoom: Annoyed When System Announces When Someone Joins/Exits Meeting?

Do you find it annoying when Zoom announces the name of those who have just joined or exited your meeting?  Does the announcement interrupt the flow of the ongoing discussion?

Zoom: Basic Account vs. Licensed (Pro) Account

You need a basic UT account to use Zoom, but a licensed account can offer you even more benefits!

Zoom: Co-Hosting

Learn all you need to know about co-hosting in Zoom including Troubleshooting.

Zoom: Meeting vs. Webinar

Think of a DIY Zoom meeting first and reserve a Zoom webinar for large public events (300+ attendees) with panelists and little interaction with the participants.

Zoom: Phone Installation

Get Zoom on your phone to carry your meetings with you.

Zoom: Schedule a Meeting Through Outlook

Using Outlook to schedule Zoom meetings is so easy!

Zoom: Security

Stay safe with these Zoom security tips.

Zoom: Updating Settings

There are some default Zoom settings that you can change.