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For security measures, some Zoom options, like File Transfer and Private Chat, are turned off by default. More options are available from the web portal (click Create or Edit Account, login, select Settings on the left). When changing global settings, please be aware of the risks and understand that this decreases your meeting security.

If you are concerned about Zoom security, check out our security tips for a safer meeting.

  How To Do It
Allowing others to Share Screen If someone else schedules the meeting for you, ask them to set you as co-host to be able to see the Security option and enable screen sharing.

While in a meeting you scheduled:

  1. Click Security at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Share Screen under Allow Participants to:.

To change this setting permanently, use the web portal. Learn more about security and settings under the Web Portal section of the Security section.

Use the Mute button There may be background noises in your home, so use the Mute button when not speaking.
Lagging video/poor audio during a meeting If you used the Zoom app on your computer to connect to the meeting, but your video or audio is lagging, try leaving the meeting and dialing the phone number within your meeting invitation to reconnect.
Avoid multitasking It's easy to think, "I can listen to this meeting and work on my to-do list at the same time," but you can't. Give the meeting 100% of your attention, just as you would if you were all physically sitting around a table. You don't want to miss anything important.
Share your screen You can share documents, images, PowerPoint presentations, etc. with others through Zoom.
  1. Click Share Screen at the bottom of the Zoom screen.
  2. Double click on the screen you want to share.
React during a meeting You can someone a thumb's up or clap through Zoom.
  1. Click Reactions at the bottom of the Zoom screen.
  2. Click on the reaction you want to share.
Record the meeting This is helpful if you have people who need to be at the meeting but cannot attend. Learn more by viewing our Zoom - Mapping Video Recording instructions.
Looking good for the meeting Looking professional for a Zoom meeting or class can be a legitimate concern. Here are some tips to help you look your best:

Lighting: Being near a window can help lighten your image. Natural light is better than artificial, but either way, make sure your light source is in front of you, not behind you.
Background: Be mindful of your background. It shouldn't be a distraction to those viewing your screen. You may not want students or co-workers to see the basket of laundry behind you, just waiting to be folded.
Camera Angle: The ideal position for your camera is directly on your face or slightly above. You can always adjust it during the meeting if it looks bad.
Positioning: Position yourself so you are squarely in the middle of the camera frame with your face taking up at least one-third of the space.
Clothing: Wear something bright and solid. Checks and florals may not look as good online as they do in person.



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This is not something that any UTHSC faculty, staff or student needs to request. You already should have one. By logging in with your SSO into tennessee.zoom.us, you are accessing your UT Zoom Licensed (Pro) account. However, if you are not using Single Sign On or SSO to login, you will not see it.