Zoom: Co-Hosting

Add a Co-Host to the Meeting

Zoom settings for all were updated so only hosts could share the screen. Whoever schedules the meeting is the host, but they can set a cohost.

When scheduling the meeting:

  1. Click Schedule.
  2. Click Advanced Options at the bottom of the Zoom Scheduling screen.
  3. Under Alternative Hosts, enter the email of the co-host. They must use the NetID@tennessee.edu email format. You cannot use NetID@uthsc.edu to set a co-host.
  4. Click the Schedule button.

Allowing Others to Share Screen

If someone else schedules the meeting for you, ask them to set you as co-host to be able to see the Security option and enable screen sharing.

While in a meeting you scheduled:

  1. Click Security at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Share Screen under Allow Participants to:.

To change this setting permanently, use the web portal. Learn more about security and settings under the Web Portal section of the Security section.

I Don't See the Alternative Host (Co-Host) Option When Scheduling a Meeting

Did you log in through the SSO option? If you are not sure how you are logged in, with the Zoom app open, click the icon in the top right corner. If you logged in with SSO, it should have your email address listed as netid@tennessee.edu.

If not:

  1. Log out of the app (click on the icon in the top right corner and choose Sign Out).
  2. Log in again by clicking the Signin with SSO button first.
  3. Make sure you have tennessee in the domain field. Click Continue.
  4. Log in to CAS with your NetID/password, if necessary.

I Can't Be Set as a Co-Host

  1. Do you have a licensed Zoom account?  You must have a licensed account and both the host and co-host must be in the Zoom HIPAA group to be set up as a co-host.
  2. Did the person scheduling the meeting log in through the SSO option? if not, they need to log out and click the Signin with SSO button first.
  3. Did the person scheduling the meeting enter netid@tennessee.edu as your email?  You cannot use netid@uthsc.edu to be set as a co-host.
  4. If you've checked #1, 2, and 3 and all that is correct, is this a recurring meeting that was set before you requested to become co-host? If so, the meeting scheduler must delete the old series of meetings and reschedule them with you as a co-host.

I Am a Host and Need to Leave a Meeting - Can I Assign a Co-Host?

Yes! When you click on the Leave button, click Leave Meeting and you should see the option to assign a co-host.

Someone else scheduled my meeting and I can't share my screen!

Ask the scheduler to add you as a co-host when scheduling meetings. Before you can be added as co-host, you must have a licensed account

  1. Click Schedule.
  2. Click Advanced Options at the bottom of the Zoom Scheduling screen.
  3. Under Alternative Hosts, enter the email of the co-host. They must use the netid@tennessee.edu email format. You cannot use netid@uthsc.edu to set a co-host.
  4. Click the Schedule button.

I Am a Co-Host, but I Can't See Breakout Rooms

  1. A co-host cannot see the Breakout Rooms option if the person who schedules the meeting is in the meeting. Once the scheduler leaves the meeting, the co-host should see that option.
  2. If at any point the scheduler returns to the meeting, the Breakout Rooms option will still be available to the co-host.


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This is not something that any UTHSC faculty, staff or student needs to request. You already should have one. By logging in with your SSO into tennessee.zoom.us, you are accessing your UT Zoom Licensed (Pro) account. However, if you are not using Single Sign On or SSO to login, you will not see it.