Official Zoom and Teams Backgrounds

Zoom and Teams allow for personalized virtual backgrounds. Communications and Marketing has created several official backgrounds for use by faculty, staff, and students.

  1. Visit Zoom and Teams Backgrounds to download an image.
    Windows Users: You will need to open your Downloads folder and double-click the .zip file you just downloaded. Drag the .png file in that folder to the Downloads folder.


  1. Open Zoom app from your desktop (not the Zoom website).
  2. Click on your Profile (top right), then select Settings.
  3. Select Backgrounds and Filters.
  4. Select the + button and select Add Image.
  5. Double-click the UTHSC Zoom background image in your Downloads folder.
  6. Click the X (Mac: top left corner; Windows: top right corner) to close.
  7. If your image is backward, ensure Mirror My video is not selected.


Change your background before a meeting starts

  1. Before you go into the meeting, turn on your camera and select Background filters.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Choose the official image file from your Downloads folder.
  4. Click OK.
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This is not something that any UTHSC faculty, staff or student needs to request. You already should have one. By logging in with your SSO into, you are accessing your UT Zoom Licensed (Pro) account. However, if you are not using Single Sign On or SSO to login, you will not see it.