Departmental or Campus Organization Accounts: Request, Add or Remove User

Departments and campus organizations can submit requests to create email accounts tied to a department or a function within a department rather than a specific person. This can prevent the department from losing access to information after a user leaves the university and prevent needing to update recipient emails within forms. This account also allows for a shared departmental calendar.

To request a departmental or campus organization account, fill out the Request to Add a Campus Organization to the Online Directory form or click the Request Service button on this page. Once the form is reviewed, someone from ITS will contact you.

Accessing the Email Account Management Website

As an owner of one of these accounts, the Email Account Management website allows you to access your group to add or remove users.

Please note that although this webpage specifically references email, you can use it to assign permissions to your own calendar resources and storage folders.

  1. Go to the Email Account Management website.
  2. Locate the Manage your Email Groups dialog box and click Manage ownership and membership.
    image of the manage ownership and membership link
  3. Log in using your NetID and password (Duo authentication may be required).
  4. The screen displays all groups of which you are the owner.
    Screen that shows all your groups
  5. Click the group you want to edit.
    Select a group to manage
  6. You can see the users in your group and add more or remove existing users.

Add a User

  1. To add a user, click Add under Group Members. To add a user as an owner, click Add under Group Owners.
    See the users in your group that you can edit
  2. Enter the NetID of the user you want to add and press Enter (or Return on a Mac).
  3. The user's name appears. Click Add.
  4. The screen shows the user has been added. Click Done.
    Screen shows name of user to be added to the group
  5. Click Logout to log out of the system.

Remove a User

  1. To remove a user, click the circle next to their name.
    Select a user to remove from the group
  2. Click Remove. Then, click Remove again to remove the user from the group.
    Click remove to fully remove user from group
  3. A screen appears confirming the user was removed. Click Okay.
    Confirming user was removed
  4. Click Logout to log out of the system.
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