How to set up Outlook on your computer, cellphone, or other device, encrypt emails, create a new folder, set out-of-office reply, get an official UTHSC email signature

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Pinned Article Microsoft 365 Email Security Features

The university recently purchased upgraded Microsoft licenses for all faculty, staff, and students to better protect you and your university data with enhanced email security.

Pinned Article Outlook Email Setup on Android Devices, iOS Devices, Windows and Mac Computers

UTHSC Microsoft 365 Email Setup Instructions for setting up Outlook for Windows, macOS, App (iOS | Android), and Other Mail App

Enable or Disable Teams Adding Online Meetings to all Meetings

Enable or disable Teams from automatically adding online meetings to your calendar.

Encrypting Outlook Emails

How do I encrypt an email? Encryption ensures that protected or sensitive information is not intercepted during email transmission, thus protecting you and the university from potentially costly and reputation-damaging data breaches.

Fixing Duplicates in Outlook

How to fix duplicates in Outlook

How to Move 365 Icons to the Bottom of the Outlook Screen

Found that a version of Outlook moved your icons from the bottom of the screen? Learn how to put them back!

Maximum Outlook Email Attachment Size

How big can an Outlook attachment be?

NetID and Email Address

What you can do with a NetID, how your get one, and how to look up your NetID

Official UTHSC Email Signature

Policy requires that all UTHSC faculty and staff use the official UTHSC email signature for all internal and external email communication.

Outlook: Out of Office Automatic Reply

How do I set an Out of Office automatic reply in Outlook?

Outlook: Overview

Get a brief overview of Outlook

Outlook: Requesting a Departmental or Campus Organization Email and Adding Others to View It after Creation

Get a departmental email so if someone leaves, things such as forms aren't tied to their email.

Outlook: Size Limit

Storage limit for email

Outlook: Why Encrypt an Email

Learn why encrypting emails with confidential or classified information is so important!

Turn Off “Top Results” in Outlook

Top Results may help you stay on top of your emails, but if it is more of a hinderance than a help, here's how to turn it off!

Zoom: Schedule a Meeting Through Outlook

Using Outlook to schedule Zoom meetings is so easy!

Email Stopped Accepting My Password

Email not accepting your password? Might be due to the move to Modern Authentication. Removing and re-adding the account should fix it.