Email, Calendar and Messaging

Get support for your email, chat, calendaring, and related service such as Outlook, Teams, listservs, shared calendars and mailboxes.

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Outlook Email

How to set up Outlook on your computer, cellphone, or other device, encrypt emails, create a new folder, set out-of-office reply, get an official UTHSC email signature

Outlook Calendar

Mark your calendar so others know you are unavailable, reschedule a meeting

Retiree Email

Learn everything you need to know about your UTHSC email before you retire

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NetID and Email Address

What you can do with a NetID, how your get one, and how to look up your NetID

UT Vault: Send Large Files Securely to UT or Non-UT Users

The UT Vault (also known as UT Secure Courier) is a secure file transfer application that allows users to easily send large files, including executables, to those with NetIDs and those outside the UT system quickly, and securely.