Enrolling Users in Duo So They Can Directly Log In to a Departmental Account

ITS is in the process of enabling Duo two-factor authentication on departmental accounts, also known as shared accounts. This is the same Duo you are already using and will look and work the same way. Once Duo is enabled, any users who directly log into a departmental account with its username and password must be “enrolled” (i.e., associated with the account) in Duo. This will enable them to receive a Duo prompt that must be approved or denied during login.


  • Enrollment is necessary only for those users who log directly into the account with its username and password. This does not apply to users with delegated access to the account.
  • If you attempt to log in to a departmental account for which Duo has been enabled but no devices are enrolled, you will receive an error message. Follow the instructions below and then log in to the account again.

For more information on how to access departmental accounts, visit Duo and Departmental Accounts.

Enroll users in Duo to be able to log in to a departmental account (to be completed by the account owner)

  1. Go to the Password Management page. Scroll to the “Departmental NetIDs” section and in the “Manage your Departmental NetID Two-Factor Authentication” subsection, select the Add or manage the phones/tokens link.
    Main screen of password management website
  2. Sign in with your PERSONAL NetID, NOT the Departmental NetID. Duo authentication may be required.
    screen where account holder can log in
  3. Select an account from the dropdown menu to enable Duo for and click Continue.
    Screen where you choose the departmental NetID
  4. If no devices or tokens have been enrolled in Duo for the account, you will see the following screen. Choose Sign up and enroll yourself. If at least one device or token has already been enrolled, you will be taken directly to step 5.
  1. Choose the Add button for the type of device you want to enroll.
  2. Enter the NetID for the individual being added to the account. Choose Confirm.
    Typing in a NetID to add a phone number to a departmental account
  3. A list of devices belonging to that person will be displayed. Select the appropriate device from the list and choose Add.
  4. The device you just added will appear in the list. Choose Manage Another to add other people or Logout if you are done.