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How do I encrypt an email? Encryption ensures that protected or sensitive information is not intercepted during email transmission, thus protecting you and the university from potentially costly and reputation-damaging data breaches.
Policy requires that all UTHSC faculty and staff use the official UTHSC email signature for all internal and external email communication.
UTHSC Microsoft 365 Email Setup Instructions for setting up Outlook for Windows, macOS, App (iOS | Android), and Other Mail App
Learn how to share your Outlook Calendar with coworkers.
Block time off in your calendar so others know when you are out of the office, in another meeting, or just busy doing something else. Also learn how to delete the blocked time, if needed.
Reschedule an Outlook meeting
How big can an Outlook attachment be?
Get a departmental Outlook account so that when a user leaves, resources (email, forms, calendars) aren't tied to someone's personal email, and the department still has access.
Process whereby owners of shared folders can add or remove individuals' access for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, calendars as well as Volshare and Vol2share folders.
Enable or disable Teams from automatically adding online meetings to your calendar.
What access do you have to Microsoft 365? Find out here!
Found that a version of Outlook moved your icons from the bottom of the screen? Learn how to put them back!
Learn why encrypting emails with confidential or classified information is so important!