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Employees, learn about changes to your access to Microsoft 365 (including email), the UTHSC network, and other technology resources when you leave the university.
Learn how to share your Outlook Calendar with coworkers.
The university recently purchased upgraded Microsoft licenses for all faculty, staff, and students to better protect you and your university data with enhanced email security.
Learn why encrypting emails with confidential or classified information is so important!
Get a brief overview of Outlook
How do I encrypt an email? Encryption ensures that protected or sensitive information is not intercepted during email transmission, thus protecting you and the university from potentially costly and reputation-damaging data breaches.
UTHSC Microsoft 365 Email Setup Instructions for setting up Outlook for Windows, macOS, App (iOS | Android), and Other Mail App
Separating your business and personal email accounts is a best practice. Your organization shouldn't have access to your personal privacy. UTHSC's emails are subject to eDiscovery searches and disclosures.
What you can do with a NetID, how your get one, and how to look up your NetID
The UT Vault (also known as UT Secure Courier) is a secure file transfer application that allows users to easily send large files, including executables, quickly, and securely.
Storage limit for email
Email not accepting your password? Might be due to the move to Modern Authentication. Removing and re-adding the account should fix it.