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Outlook Calendar

Mark your calendar so others know you are unavailable, reschedule a meeting

Outlook Email

How to set up Outlook on your computer, cellphone, or other device, encrypt emails, create a new folder, set out-of-office reply, get an official UTHSC email signature


Teams is a place for coworkers to chat, meet, collaborate, share notes and files, and video chat.

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Install and manage the installations of your Microsoft Office software

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Know when to use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and OnBase

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What access do you have to Microsoft 365? Find out here!

Attaching Adobe PDF Documents with Microsoft Mail Merge

These are step-by-step instructions on how to use the "Mail Merge" feature to send documents and statements as an Adobe PDF attachment.

Collaboration with Office 365 (Video)

Collaborate with others using Microsoft 365 tools such as Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Whiteboard

Edit a PDF with Word

Use Word to edit PDFs. This method is best for causal users.

Microsoft Bookings

This is a basic overview of the Microsoft Booking Service as offered.

Microsoft Power BI, Visio, Project, Visual Studios, and Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN): Request License

Learn how to get access to Microsoft Visio, Project, and 365 for part-time faculty and staff.

Using Visio

Learn how to use Visio.

Visio: Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks to help you master Visio.

What is Microsoft Project?

Learn about Microsoft Project, project management software that helps you develop a schedule, assign tasks, track progress, manage the budget, and analyze workloads.

What is Visio?

Learn what Visio is, how to order it, and how to download it.