Teams is a place for coworkers to chat, meet, collaborate, share notes and files, and video chat.

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Pinned Article How to Install Microsoft Teams

How to install Microsoft Teams

Pinned Article Teams: Getting Started Instructions and Overview

Quick two page overview of Teams

Add Users to the Team SharePoint Site

Learn how to add users to your SharePoint site.

Adding SharePoint Document Library to Team Channel

Learn how to add a SharePoint document library to your Microsoft Teams channel or team.

Create Your Own SharePoint Site

Need a SharePoint site to save documents for your department or team? Create your own by following these instructions!

Teams: Change Your Background for a Meeting

Learn how to add a background to your Teams meeting whether you are just joining or already in the meeting.

Teams: Create an Class Assignment

Learn how to create an assignment in Microsoft Teams Classroom.

Teams: Get Started with Microsoft Teams (Video)

Learn how to get started with Teams

Teams: Re-Enabling Teams Meeting Add-In Within Outlook

Did you enable the Teams Meeting add-in in Outlook, but now it doesn't work? Learn how to re-enable it!

Teams: Reply to a Specific Message in Chat

Learn how to reply to one specific comment in a Teams chat thread.

Teams: Say Hello to Teams (Video)

An introduction to Teams video by Microsoft.