Create a Team in Microsoft Teams

  1. To create a Team, log in to Microsoft 365.
  2. Choose Teams from the Apps. (If you have not previously used Teams, you may need to select All Apps first.)
  3. Once you are in Teams, go to the Teams icon.
  4. Depending on your selected view in Teams -
    In List View, select Join or create a team in the lower left corner of your screen:
  5. In Grid View, select Join or create team in the upper right corner of your screen:
  6. Select Create a team.
  7. Select Staff, if you are creating this for a departmental or office group. Other options are available for clubs, study groups, communities, etc.
  8. If you already have a Microsoft 365 group, choose the option for creating the group. This is the recommended way to create a team if you already have an existing group. View this LinkedIn Learning video to learn how to create the team using a Microsoft 365 group.
  9. If you do not have a Microsoft 365 group, then type in the Name and Description (if desired) of your Team and click Next.
  10. On the next screen that appears, enter the names of the people you wish to add to the team and select Add
  11. Adjust the roles for members of the team. Choose either Member or Owner.
  12. Select Close, and your team is now created!


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