Password Reset Instructions

Before beginning this process, be sure to close all your open clients (e.g., Outlook). Failure to do so can result in being locked out of your Exchange account.

To reset your NetID/Exchange password:

  1. Click Edit Password at the bottom of any UTHSC website or go to
  2. Click Forgotten & Expired Password.
  3. Enter your:
    1. UTHSC Student Date
    2. Employee # (found on your badge)
    3. SSN (Last 4)
  4. Enter your birthdate.
  5. At the Duo prompt, choose Send me a Push or Enter a Passcode. 
  6. Review the Tips for Protecting Your UT Accounts, and choose Continue.
  7. Type in the new password and verify the new password.
  8. Please check the box verifying that you agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.

There’s no expiration date for passwords that are 12 characters or longer when the account has also been enrolled in Duo.

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