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Information about your UTHSC accounts, including access to administrative and business applications, requesting a new account, and more.

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Pinned Article Password Reset Instructions

How to reset your Exchange and/or Net ID password

Pinned Article Sponsored NetID Request Process

Sponsor a NetID for a new employee prior to start date, visiting or adjunct faculty, someone working for UT but not paid by UT, or a retiree still doing work for the university.

Account Migration Steps for UTHSC Students Coming from Another UT University

Students Coming From UTC, UT Martin, UT Southern or UTK Campuses must initiate an account migration process.

Changes to Your Access to UTHSC Email, Network, and Other Resources When You Leave the University (For Employees)

Learn about changes to your access to Microsoft 365 (including email), the UTHSC network, and other technology resources when you leave the university.

Outlook: Requesting a Departmental or Campus Organization Email

Get a departmental email so if someone leaves, things such as forms aren't tied to their email.

UT Taleo Access Management

Help with Taleo issues go to UTK