Using Visio

  1. Open Visio.
  2. Select Basic Diagram -- Create.
    Visio screen
  3. Formatting
    1. Select Design.
    2. Click the Down arrow to move to the next row of designs.
    3. We use “Modern – Bubble.”
      visio design options
  4. Border & Title
    1. Select Design.
    2. We use “Alphabet."
      Visio design screen
    3. You will see VBackground-1 as a separate tab.
    4. Enter your title (if you will have more than one page, delete the title and put it on each separate page).
  5. Switch tabs to Page-1.
  6. Pick your shapes
    1. Basic Shapes
    2. More Shapes → Business → Business Process → Six Sigma Flowchart Shapes
      visio six sigma shapes
  7. Start at the very beginning
    1. Start shape
    2. Process Steps
    3. Drag in your shape
      Visio page
  8. Connectors
    1. On Home Tab, you will see
      1. Pointer Tool
      2. Connector
      3. Text
        visio toolbar
    2. Pointer Tab is what you want to use when you are adding/moving shapes – Ctrl+1
    3. Connector is how you add arrows – Ctrl+3
    4. Text allows you to add text inside boxes or anywhere on the page – Ctrl+2
  9. Spacing – magic green guidelines show spacing between shapes. Important to be consistent.
  10. Text – click on shape to add text. The default font is Franklin Gothic, but we use Arial as per the UTHSC Branding guidelines.
    Visio text box
    1. Click outside shape to add text
    2. Insert Text Box
  11. Be sure to save your work!!
    1. File → Save As
      visio save as screen

The more detail, the better!

Let’s try an exercise:

How to bake a cake - think of all the steps needed to bake a cake and create a process map of those steps in Visio.


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