What is RingCentral?

In 2022, RingCentral, a Voice over IP (VoIP) system, is replacing our antiquated UTHSC telephone system.

A VoIP system allows you to make calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone network. It's a newer technology that is more flexible and offers many benefits we didn't have with our old system. Plus, it will help us avoid outages (of which we've seen an increase with the old system).

Want to learn more about our decision to go with RingCentral? Check out our Unified Communications/VoIP RingCentral presentation.

Why is Our Phone System Changing?

  1. Our current phone system is old. Like way old.
  2. Our outages are increasing.
  3. RingCentral offers a ton of benefits our old system cannot.

What Benefits Does RingCentral Offer?

Among the significant benefits RingCentral offers are:

  • You can use multiple devices (cell phone, computer, tablet).
  • Transfer calls from one device to another without disconnecting.
  • Free long distance! (excludes international calls)
  • It's easy to move the service when you move to another area or office.

Campus Dialing

To call on campus (until everyone is on RingCentral), if you are:

  • NOT on RingCentral: Dial 9 and then 901.448.####.
  • ON RingCentral: Use Contacts or just dial the 10-digit (901.448.####) number.

How Can You Get Ready?

Ensure your work address and phone number are accurate for the new phone system rollout. Ensuring the system has your correct work address and phone number is essential for other processes that rely on the accuracy of your contact info, too!  Review the How to Update Your UTHSC Phone Number article for guidance.

Visit Updating Your Work and Personal Information for instructions on how to verify and update your contact information.


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