RingCentral FAQs

Can I go ahead and sign up for RingCentral and start using it now?

No. You will be notified when your UTHSC phone number is moving to RingCentral and an account has been created for you. Creating your own RingCentral account will cause problems that delay service when it is time for your phone number to be moved.

Does RingCentral require me to use my cell phone for work calls?

You are not required to use your cell phone or other personal devices to make work calls, but RingCentral can be used on it if you choose to do so.

If I use my cell phone, is my personal cell phone number shown?

No! RingCentral conceals your cell phone number and only displays your UTHSC phone number to the caller.

Do I need to notify ITS if I move offices?

Only if you have a hard phone. You don't need to let us know if you are using RingCentral on your cell phone.

What if I get spam/robot calls while using RingCentral?

It may seem that you’re getting more calls, but it’s because your phone is always with you. You have a few choices:

  1. Answer the phone, and then hang up if the call is not relevant.
  2. Block the number.
  3. If you don’t recognize the number, don't answer, let it go to voicemail, and then check your voicemail to see if it is a call you need to return.

How do I dial long distance number?

Just like you would with your cell phone - area code+seven digit phone number.

Will I receive work calls at night if I set RingCentral to forward to my cell phone?

No! You can set work hours within RingCentral to turn your calls off at the end of the day.

I make credit card payments by phone for my department all the time. Do I need to have a “hard” phone?

No. A hard phone, or a physical phone like the one you have now, is needed only for those who take payors’ credit card information. UTHSC members who are paying for something with a credit card do not need it. (Those in safety-related jobs also will retain a hard phone.)

If my UTHSC computer is at my home, do I have to bring it to campus to install RingCentral?

No. The software will be downloaded from the RingCentral website, so it can be installed on your computer at any location with an internet connection. (You will receive a notice when it is time for you to download and install RingCentral.)

What do I do with my old hard phone?

Nothing. Once your UTHSC phone number is moved to RingCentral, we will collect your old desk phone later. You can leave it plugged in.

What if my old phone rings?

Answer it. It can still receive internal calls. However, it will not receive external calls, and you also will be limited in who you can call. Thus, the best thing you can do is always use RingCentral.

Do I need a headset to use RingCentral?

It depends. If the device on which you install RingCentral does not have a microphone, then a headset with a microphone is a great alternative. In addition to providing a way to speak during calls, a headset also can increase privacy and reduce distraction. Visit our headset article in TechConnect for more information on recommended models, etc.

I received an error message when trying to put in my home address. Apparently, it did not recognize it and reverted it back to the campus address.

This article from RingCentral provides troubleshooting steps to resolve the error message.

Can I still call my co-workers or receive calls from them if we are not all moved to RingCentral at the same time?

Yes. All you have to do to reach any UTHSC number, whether it’s on RingCentral or the old system, is to dial the full 10-digit number instead of using the 5-digit extension (ex., 9014481234 instead of 81234).

Do I still have to dial “9” for an outside line?

No. Just dial the 10-digit phone number for both internal and external calls.

My current voicemail is set up to send my messages to my email as an audio file. Will that still happen on RingCentral?

Yes, voicemail will be set by default to do this for UTHSC members. You also will have the option to set your voicemail to send a transcription.

If I start a WiFi call and switch to my cell phone’s mobile data (or vice versa), will my RingCentral call disconnect?

Yes. Your call will drop, and you will have to reconnect.

My RingCentral desk phone isn’t working even though it appears to be plugged in.

Please contact the Service Desk at TechConnect or 901.448.2222 so we can ensure your phone is properly connected to the network.

Will RingCentral work with my Apple Watch?

There are limitations with RingCentral on an Apple watch. Read more in our Apple Watch and RingCentral article.

When using RingCentral on my personal phone, can I access my phone’s stored contacts via RingCentral?

Yes. On your RingCentral app on your cell phone, go to Contacts. Across the top, you will see several categories of contacts – select Personal. All contacts from your phone will be listed there. (The Company category includes UT members, and you also can connect to your Google contacts through this interface.)

Can I mute incoming call notifications while on a call?

Yes! If you experience incoming calls disrupting your current call with ringing, look on the left side of the screen, choose Settings, then Notification and audio. Under Call waiting audio alert choose Silent from the dropdown menu.

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