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Starting a Conference Call in the RingCentral App The RingCentral mobile app and the RingCentral app on your desktop or web browser let you start a conference call with multiple participants.
Configuring Important Settings in the RingCentral App Set Your Notifications and Audio Preferences, Set Your New Message Badge Count, Configure Your Caller ID, and Update Your Emergency Address
Setting Your Phone Preferences Setting Your Phone Preferences and Updating Your Availability Status
Calling Using the RingOut feature Connects your calls using your incoming call carrier minutes instead of mobile data or Wi-Fi.
Using the Call Park Feature Allows RingCentral app users to place a call in a Public Call Park location and have a different user pick up the call, by dialing the park location extension generated by the system.
Configuring Your Extension's Call Handling & Forwarding Settings Configure where to receive incoming calls in the RingCentral online account.
Configuring Custom Answering Rules for Your Extension Performs specific call-handling actions based on your defined conditions. This saves you time and effort in reconfiguring the standard call handling settings, just to meet specific conditions.
Accessing Your Extension Settings Conveniently change your extension’s user details, call handling, and greetings without having to re-enter your login credentials in the RingCentral online account
Using Call Flip Lets you transfer or "push" a live call between your extension’s assigned call forwarding devices, including home phones, desk phones, and smartphones, without interrupting the call.
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