Event Attendance: ID Badge Scanning

If you are hosting a campus event where you need an attendance record of UTHSC attendees, you can use the ID badge scanning app. The app allows one or more people to scan attendees’ UTHSC ID badge, recording attendance in a database where reports then can be created.

The Human Resources Office (HR) owns the ID badge scanning app.

To use the app, you will need the following:

  • A laptop for each attendance-taker: You can use your department’s own laptops.
  • A USB-connected barcode scanner for each attendance-taker: You can use your department’s own scanners. (Scanners can be purchased at Staples.)
  • Access to the “ID Badge Scan” app in iLogin: Access is granted by NetID. You will need to provide each attendance-taker’s NetID to HR to be granted app access.

To take attendance using the app:

  • Connect each scanner to a laptop. (Each scanner must be attached to a different laptop.)
  • On each laptop, an attendance-taker should go to iLogin, find the ID Badge Scan app, and log in.
  • Scan the barcode on attendees’ UTHSC ID badges.
  • For an attendance report in Excel format, go to the app and use the Report function located under the ID Badges Scanned tab. (NOTE: There is no way to differentiate the attendance of events that occur at the same time.)

To request use of the ID Badge Scan app, send your request and the following information to hr@uthsc.edu:

  • Event date, start time, and end time
  • NetIDs of attendance-takers
  • # of laptops needed (if borrowing from HR)
  • # of barcode scanners needed (if borrowing from HR)

HR can provide training and assistance for the app as well.


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