Data Ownership: FileMaker Pro

How does Data Ownership apply to FileMaker Pro?

Data Owner is responsible for:

  • Defining the level of quality and standards for the data captured in the FileMaker Pro (FMP) database
  • Defining the data steward roles and responsibilities.  This includes:  
    • Identifying who are the data stewards (i.e., individuals within your department/group who will have access to the database)
    • Determining their responsibilities and required level of access/permission (e.g., read only, data entry, admin)
  • Initiating the move of the database from local storage (i.e., your computer) to the ITS FileMaker Server in the data center, benefits include:
    • Central location is physically secured
    • Backups are taken routinely
    • Data security is ensured
    • ITS performs client/desktop software and server/hardware updates
  • For databases stored locally (i.e., on your computer or a departmental computer):
    • Ensuring that computer is stored in a physically secured space
    • Ensuring that backups are created on a set schedule that meets the business need
    • Ensuring data security over the FMP database
    • Upgrading the hardware and client software 
  • Reviewing access controls on a scheduled basis  (i.e., who has access and at what level, the controls over granting access, changing access levels, and revoking access)
  • Determining the business processes for the FileMaker Pro database use
  • Determining the records retention requirements
  • Planning for system outages, business continuity, and disaster recovery 

Data Owner Action Items

Review current use of FileMaker Pro

  • Do users have appropriate access to the data?
  • Is there another software application that has been implemented that can be used instead of FileMaker Pro?
  • Is the data being captured still necessary/relevant to your current business process?
  • Does the database store personally identifiable information, sensitive data, HIPAA data, or FERPA data that is no longer necessary for your process or is stored elsewhere (e.g., social security numbers, date of birth)?

Who should be the Data Owner?

Process owner level

  • Functional/business process

Data Custodian

  • FileMaker Pro Product Management team (ITS)

Are you the right person to own this data?

  • If the data owner has changed, be sure to submit a FileMaker Request to notify ITS of this change.  
  • The functional leader of the area is a good candidate to be the data owner.  A proxy or delegate, who may have more hands on or daily responsibilities over the data, can be named the data steward.
  • The data owner is ultimately responsible and accountable for the security and integrity of the data.
  • The data steward is assumed to have authority in the absence of the data owner.  The data steward works under the guidance of the data owner to maintain a proper level of security and integrity.

Information Technology Services Role

The FileMaker Pro Product Management team

  • Serves as the Data Custodian for FileMaker Pro
  • Coordinates with the various ITS departments to support the FileMaker Pro technology
  • Acts as the single point of contact with the vendor
  • Helps Data Owner/Data Stewards meet departmental goals
  • Implements the strategy and rules you determine for your data
  • Ensures data is protected through:
    • FileMaker application-level support and expertise
    • Maintaining current versions of software on the server and desktop/laptop clients
    • Storage of FileMaker Pro databases on the FileMaker server in the UTHSC data center
    • Security controls
    • Backups, retention, off-site storage

How do you get help?

Visit FileMaker Pro Database service to:

  • Request a FileMaker Pro license
  • Request training or ask for help
  • Request access to a FileMaker Pro database on the FileMaker Server
  • Request your database be moved to our FileMaker Server
  • Request removal of software from your computer
  • Request retirement of your database
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