Get a UTHSC Phone Number for a New Employee

Now that UTHSC is moving to RingCentral, phone numbers are assigned to your NetID, not to a physical (“hard”) phone. This means that new employees are unable to make and receive calls at a UTHSC phone number until one is assigned or re-assigned to them.

Hiring managers, business managers and/or supervisors should do the following to obtain a phone number for a new employee:

  1. Submit a RingCentral phone request form in TechConnect. In that request, indicate the new employee’s NetID and whether they should receive a new or existing number.
    1. If the person will be using an existing number assigned to their position, then request that the number be re-assigned from the person leaving the position to the new person. Indicate the existing number and current assignee in the request.
    2. If the person needs a new direct number that no one else is using, then request a new number.
    3. DO NOT assign the person to a departmental number unless that is a number they truly will be answering.
  2. Once a UTHSC phone number is assigned, have the employee add it to their work and personal information in IRIS.
    1. Unsure what number to add to IRIS (ex., direct number, departmental number, administrative assistant’s number)? Follow these guidelines for updating your UTHSC phone number in IRIS.
    2. IMPORTANT: To make the data more accurate, Human Resources will no longer be automatically adding a departmental number to new employees’ office phone number field in IRIS. Please leave this field blank if the employee does not have an assigned phone number.
  3. Direct the employee to instructions for getting started on RingCentral.
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