Setting Your Work Hours in RingCentral

Video instructions

With RingCentral, you can have your work phone number ring on your laptop or cell phone.

But you may not want your device to ring 24/7/365.

You can easily set your call hours within the RingCentral app.

  1. Open the RingCentral app on your laptop, click Sign In, then click Single Sign-On.
    Single sign on screen
  2. It will show your email (if not, enter your UT Health Science Center email). Click the Submit button. You must log in with your NetID/password; Duo verification may be required.
    Screen that shows your UT Health Science Center email and the submit button
  3. You may need to check the box to always open the RingCentral app.
    Always open in RingCentral app screen
  4. Click in the upper left corner for a circle with your initials.
    Main RingCentral app screen
  5. Choose Call rules.
    Dropdown option to choose Call rules
  6. Click the arrow to the right of Incoming calls.
    Under My Work Day, choose Incoming calls.
  7. Click the arrow to the right of 24 hours, every day to update call hours.choose 24 hours, every. day to update work hours
  8. Click the + next to Add Schedule.
    Click add schedule screen
  9. Monday-Friday should be selected by default. Select the start and end times by clicking on the time and clicking up or down to change the hour.
    Select the times and days you want the phone to ring. 
  10. Click the days you want the phone to ring and click the Set button.
  11. You can have more than one schedule. For example, you can add another schedule so that your device does not ring all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  12. Click Save.
    Setting an additional schedule for weekends




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