Official UTHSC Email Signature

All UTHSC employees are required to use a standard email signature that is created from the Email Signature Generator below for all internal and external email communication, and it should not be altered. A consistent email signature provides recipients with an awareness of UTHSC, while also reflecting positively on the professionalism of our institution. UTHSC policy on email signatures

To autogenerate an email signature, login to using your UTHSC NetID/password. Fill out the fields then click Submit.

You are offered one of two options: with or without the UTHSC logo. Select the desired text and then add it to Outlook using the following steps:

Windows Users:

  1. Click File > Options > Mail > Signatures.
  2. Click the signature you want to edit. If you don't have a current signature, click New, enter a name, then click OK.
  3. Make your changes in the Edit signature box.
  4. When you are done, select Save > OK.

Mac Users:

  1. Click Outlook Menu > Preferences > Signatures.
  2. Select the signature you want to edit and click Edit. If you don't have a current signature, click +.
  3. In the Signature window, paste the information you copied from the website.
  4. Click the red X to close the window. Click Save.


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