Generic Service Request

Need to make a request, but can't find the service you are looking for?  Use the Generic Service Request to start the process!  The ITS Service Desk will help you fine tune your request and send it to the proper team.

What is a Service Request? 

  • A service request is a request for something you need to be provided.
  • Nothing is broken, you just need an available service that your were not using before.  
  • If something is broken, use Report an Issue.

Examples of Service Requests:

  • Request for a service delivery action, for example:  I need a new computer setup.
  • Request for information, for example:  How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?
  • Request for the provision of a resource or service, for example:  I need to get Microsoft Power BI for my computer.
  • Feedback, compliments and complaints, for example:  I found the Outlook Overview to be very informative!
  • Request for access to a resource or service, for example:  Can someone help me sync my OneDrive to my desktop, so I can save documents directly to OneDrive instead of to my hard drive?

Telling ITS as much as possible about what you need helps us to help you fulfill your need as quickly as possible.  To help you, we have created customize service request forms where possible to ask you all the pertinent questions and to send your request to the right group right away!  But, if you can't find the service you are looking for, by using the Search the client portal area in the upper right of the webpage, the Generic Service Request will get you and us started!


If you need to report something that is broken, please use Report an Issue.  Submitting the correct form enables us to respond to your needs quickly and appropriately.

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