IRIS Data and Reports

What Is It?

IRIS is the University of Tennessee’s SAP system for Human Resources and Finance. As a result, IRIS data is typically employee and financial data.  ITS handles requests for IRIS reports that are not currently available in the IRIS system.  File imports for third-party systems can also be generated from IRIS data downloads.  Third-party applications are typically “off-the-shelf” applications, developed by external companies.  In-house, customized applications written by the Systems Development team also utilize IRIS data.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Approval for access to the service must be obtained from Human Resources.

Where Can I Get It?

Once approval for access to the service has been obtained from Human Resources, requests for IRIS reporting and file imports should be directed to Systems Development, through the Project Request form.

Project Request


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Thu 3/25/21 4:23 PM
Mon 7/19/21 1:43 PM