Assessment for New Wireless Access Point or Additional Wireless Coverage

What Is It?

A Wireless Access Point (WAP) projects a WiFi signal to a designated area, enabling devices in that area to get on the wireless network. Often, when the WiFi signal is weak or is inaccessible when a lot of devices are present or you move around, it indicates that more WAPs are needed.

When you request this service, ITS will assess the area in question to determine if more WAPs are needed, or if other issues are causing the issue. (Please note the issue also may be related to your device or a site you are trying to visit, in which case you may be referred to the Service Desk for assistance).

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Faculty, staff, and students

Where Can I Get It?

WiFi coverage is available all over campus, including on the grounds.

How Do I Use It?

Go to the wireless connection icon on your computer, choose the UTHSC network, and enter your NetID and password to be connected to the wireless network.

Request Service


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Sat 3/20/21 7:56 AM
Mon 7/26/21 6:48 AM