Getting Access to a Departmentally Shared Calendar

Many calendars on the UTHSC campus are departmental shared calendars. An individual creates and owns the calendar for every one of these calendars. They are typically someone in the department. The owner is often the person who requested to create the calendar initially.

If you want to be added to a departmental calendar, you need first to determine the owner of the calendar. The owner of the calendar can be determined by asking work colleagues or calling the Service Desk (901.448.2222), which can identify the owner in most cases. Once the owner is determined, the owner can right-click on the departmental calendar in Outlook and browse "Sharing Permissions." From this interface, they can add new people.

If the owner prefers to do this online, that can also be done. The owner would browse to and log in. Then click the Outlook icon. They'd click the circle in the upper right-hand corner and select "Open another Mailbox." They can then search and find the departmental account. After selecting the departmental account, they can go to My Calendars, then click the ... next to the calendar and go to Sharing Permissions. They can then add the individual who needs access to the calendar as a user.


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