How Often Do I Have to Change My Password?

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Non-Expiring Password Policy

Once a NetID account is set up to use Duo two-factor authentication AND the password is reset to a 12 or more-character password, the password will NEVER expire as long as Duo is activated on your device.

*If your existing password is 12 or more characters when you set up two-factor authentication, you will need to reset your password one more time to have the non-expiring password policy added to your account.

Standard Password Policy

For NetID accounts with a password of less than 12 characters, the password will expire every 180 days (6 months).

IRIS Password Policy

If you have access to IRIS and your NetID password is less than 12 characters, your NetID password will expire every 60 days.

The IRIS system is the University of Tennessee's SAP application suite.  IRIS is the umbrella system for all payroll, HR, financial, and purchasing systems for all campuses and university-wide administration.  If you no longer require IRIS access and want this policy removed from your account, please contact your departmental payroll/financial representative.

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