Attaching Adobe PDF Documents with Microsoft Mail Merge

  1. Open Microsoft Word > Open the document you would like to merge.
    Word icon
  2. Click Mailings.
    Word toolbar showing Mailings option
  3. Click Start Mail Merge.
    Word toolbar showing Start Mail Merge icon
  4. Click Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard in the wizard in the right-hand column of your screen.
    Showing Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard icon in the toolbar
  5. Click Letters > Click Next: Starting document.
  6. Click Use the current document > Click Next: Select recipients.
  7. Click Use an existing list > Click Select a different list…
  8. Select Your list > Click Open.
  9. Select Your Excel Sheet Name > Click OK.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Select where you want to insert merge information > Click Insert Merge Field.
  12. Click Insert Merge Field > Select type of information.
  13. Click Next: Write your letter.
  14. Click Next: Preview your letters.
  15. Click Merge to Adobe PDF.
  16. Click Automatically send Adobe PDF files by Email.
  17. Select the Email Field name for email address (For example: Email_Address).
  18. Type your subject in <<Add your subject here>> (For example: <<Budget>>).
  19. Type message in note box.
  20. Click OK.
  21. Select the folder you want to store the documents > Click OK.


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