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At Qualtrics, we are committed to ‘experience-first’ design, which means continuous improvement of the XM Platform based on feedback from our users to deliver an easy to use, consistent and accessible experience. As part of this commitment, we are redesigning our Survey Translations UI. The enhanced experience will benefit all users, both advanced and new, by streamlining the UI and making it easier to translate survey projects to meet the needs of global audiences. 

The new Survey Translations Overview page gives you a quick, holistic view of the languages for your survey, the status of each, and quick access to next steps.

The redesigned survey translation page reduces clicks and introduces consistent navigation similar to the survey builder. Translation fields are highlighted to make it easy to reference base text, and the progress percentages and filters are easily visible in the publish bar. New jump navigation and content grouping make it easy to navigate through large surveys.

We’ve also introduced new features that will make the translation of your project more efficient. These include:

  • Exporting only untranslated items: This enables you to easily make translation updates to ongoing projects without affecting your original translations.
  • Auto-translate for the entire survey: You will now be able to use our auto-translate feature on an entire survey, streamlining the experience.


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Thu 6/30/22 5:27 PM
Tue 9/27/22 2:58 PM

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