Award/Scholarship Management Software (formerly AcademicWorks)

Blackbaud’s Award Management Software (AMS), formerly known as AcademicWorks, enables management of all phases of a scholarship (opportunity award) program. AMS integrates with the financial aid and student information data in UTHSC’s Banner system to present a singular, real-time view of awards and associated funds to the colleges’ personnel who add, manage, and distribute them.

AMS automates and streamlines bi-directional transfer of information with Banner for the purposes of awarding opportunities, monitoring fund balances, reporting information to relevant authorities and managers, and providing a clear overall view of the UTHSC scholarship award and financial balances involved.

On the student side, it also facilitates the process of applying for awards and even provides mechanisms for recipients to easily thank their benefactors.

Ultimately, AMS allows UTHSC to demonstrate good stewardship of donor funds and allocated monies for scholarship opportunities.

The goal is for all UTHSC colleges to utilize AMS. For more information on how your college can take advantage of this service, please contact Cherisa Lewis (

For a list of scholarships and grants supported at UTHSC, please visit UTHSC Scholarships and Offers.


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